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My name is Daren Hunter and welcome to my website. Over the past five years, I have run in to many strange things that go wrong with technology. Most of the issues I face are with Mac OS X, networking and servers. I often find myself scouring the internet to help me solve these problems. On Daren Hunter.com I will be posting some of the obscure fixes in hopes that you might find them quickly and use them to solve your problems. Lots will be changing as I continue to write content for the site..  My goal is to share my IT experiences with the world in hopes that maybe I can help out at least one person – I know, very high goals!

I also have a few pages about myself and some links to websites that I am affiliated/friends with. I will continue to add more and hope you enjoy them. Again, hopefully this makes finding their pages even easier as well.

Thanks for checking it out!