AppleTVs losing connection on Cisco Wireless Controller


Recently, I saw an issue with AppleTVs disconnecting from our Cisco Wireless Network. No matter what we did, the AppleTV would just lose its IP Address and Wireless Signal. This was actually happening at two separate location- both had a Cisco Wireless Controller. After about 60 seconds – the AppleTV would connect again. Then, after a very short amount of time, it would disconnect again.

The AppleTV would work just fine with a wired connection and it worked using an old Airport Extreme Basestation.

The Fix

The Apple TVs were tripping the IP Theft or IP Reuse Client Exclusion Policy on the Cisco Wireless Controller. If you have access to your wireless controller – you can search the “Most Recent Traps” section for excluded clients. This fix will only work if you see the mac addresses for your AppleTVs in this log and it should say excluded next to it.


Apple TV IP Excluded


All of our Apple TVs were being excluded for some reason due to that policy. There was also a rule that would unexclude after 60 seconds – which is why the AppleTV wireless connection would work and then disconnect.

Unchecking the IP Theft or IP Reuse setting under Security -> Wireless Protection Policies -> Client Exclusion Policies has solved this issue for us.

5 thoughts on “AppleTVs losing connection on Cisco Wireless Controller

  1. Turning this IP Theft or Reuse detection mechanism off, cured my Airport Express from getting kicked off the wireless as well. Still wonder why this device is deemed to be claiming its own address more than once though…

  2. having same issue. I already disable the IP Theft or IP Reuse Client Exclusion Policy but still the same issue happened. Please advice.

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