Mac OS X Server Mavericks Profile Manager: “A Server Error Has Occurred” after uploading dock.plist

The Problem

I am using Mac OS X Server on Mac OS X Mavericks to manage the Apple devices at our school. Specifically – I set up the dock icons exactly how I wanted them arranged. I then uploaded the to profile manager. It detected all of the settings and everything was find until I clicked “Save.” Immediately after that – I was no longer able to load the device groups page and I got the dreaded “A Server Error Has Occurred” and to “Contact my system administrator if the problem persists”.

No matter what I did – I could not get the page to load. I knew it had to be a corrupt profile as it happened immediately after I pressed save. Resetting profile manager to default was not an option as I had many other profiles loaded already and didn’t want to lost them.

The Solution

There is a postgressql database that stores all the profiles. I went in and manually deleted the profile for the device group that I had created and that fixed the issue. I believe these commands will only work on OS X Server on Mavericks as the database is in a different location then past versions.

1.) Open up

2.) Command to list all of the tables:

sudo psql -h "/Library/Server/ProfileManager/Config/var/PostgreSQL" -U _devicemgr -d devicemgr_v2m0 -c "\dt"

3.) Command to list all profiles so you can find the corrupt one:

sudo psql -h "/Library/Server/ProfileManager/Config/var/PostgreSQL" -U _devicemgr -d devicemgr_v2m0 -c "select * from profiles"

This is going to spit out all the tables – you will need to widen out your Terminal window so you can see everything correctly.

4.) Find the id of the profile that you believe to be the culprit and delete it with the following command:

sudo psql -h "/Library/Server/ProfileManager/Config/var/PostgreSQL" -U _devicemgr -d devicemgr_v2m0 -c "delete from profiles where id=15"

4 thoughts on “Mac OS X Server Mavericks Profile Manager: “A Server Error Has Occurred” after uploading dock.plist

  1. Thanks for posting this! I just had the exact same issue.

    Did you even end up being able to add a custom dock.plist to profile manager without it crashing?

    Thanks again,

    1. I was never able to get it to work by uploading to profile manager. What is strange, is it works on OS X Server 10.8 – just not 10.9. I did report the issues at but I am sure that fell on deaf ears. I ended up installing each app on the server and installing using the built in dock preferences.

      1. Thanks for your response. Profile manager in 10.9 definitely seems buggy, and I will be reporting this to feedback as well.

        Are you able to replace the default apps with a custom configuration of apps without locking the dock that way? When I’ve tried I only see the option that keeps the dock from being tampered with, once the rule is enforce in profile manager.


  2. I had the exact same issue, Profile Manager crashed after adding the default, not messed with, direct from Apple file.
    I tried darenhunters’ commands but I wasn’t using the command correctly and couldn’t get it to work. I ended up resetting profilemanager to defaults…at least that’s an option.

    I had similar issues trying to upload an Apple plist file in 10.7 and 10.8 server but just the profile got corrupted, not all of profilemanager. I got weird computer listings in PM when I added that bad profile…until I removed the plist file.

    I also filed a bug report and told my local Apple Engineer but no one seems to care that a major element of PM has never worked properly.

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